April 2016

Gingham Style

If you have taken a good look around you lately, you may have noticed that it kind of looks like everyone is heading out to a picnic in the park. Well, you may be right, but one of the front runners in patterns this season is Gingham.

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5 Steps to a Happy Home

Happy Earth Day!! Today we celebrate the wonderful planet we are so lucky to live on!

This is also a great day to take into account that we haven’t been doing that great of a job taking care of our home. I have come up with 5 ways to give back that are so easy, anyone can do it!

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Jedda’s Boho Bash


Yesterday my baby girl turned one! Yay! Planning photos and a party that fit together seamlessly was a job but I took to Pinterest to find a theme that was a little bit different but still girly and baby friendly! So this post is all about the journey from the birthday photos to the birthday party!

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