February 2016

Getting Rid of Junk

With the February 14th holiday now behind us, it is time to start focusing on the new year ahead. February marks the last month of Winter, as Spring shyly peeks her head around the corner. I don’t know about you, but where I live, the seasons are very unpredictable. Last week was sunny in the 80’s and this week, we have lightening storms and temperatures in the 50’s. Here is a spoiler- next week we are back to warm weather!

All that said- now is the time of year when those who have made New Year’s Resolutions, and have failed to stick with it, can now make some sort of a comeback. It’s not yet too late in the game to just completely give up, so many people give themselves a much deserved second chance. I thought it would be nice to give you all (and myself) a little pep talk to get us all back on track with our ‘New Year New Me’, and just in time for Spring!

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February 14th: Carrying Your Love Around

Okay so many couples, or gal pals, or even family members like to go out to eat on this day of love. You pick out a new dress and some new earrings to match, and maybe even splurge on those new Louboutin tan sling backs with a giant pink heart and a hefty price tag of $1195 (omg). Well, this not a’wish list’ post, this is a ‘I can actually buy that’ post. Big difference.

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February 14th: Accessories to Match!

Some people love to decorate for every holiday, changing out the wreath on the front door, the pillows on the couch or wearing holiday inspired outfits. Well this post isn’t for you. Sometimes its nice to match the holiday season without looking like you tried so hard to do so. So here is a list of things all Valentine’s inspired, but can be flaunted all year long! Yay!

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February 14th: Sweater Love

So it is that time of year once again! Love is in the air (or not)! In honor of the upcoming holiday, I wanted to find some of the best Valentine’s themed items! Today we are looking at some super cute sweaters to get you in the spirit!

I happen to love Wildfox, and even use the name as some social media handles. This brand is located in-you guessed it- Califor-Ni-A. Los Angeles to be exact. Their clothing is vintage-inspired. I personally believe the two creators of this brand are real life mermaids. Below is a perfect and simple sweater featuring a big sparkly red heart.


Wildfox ‘Sparkle Heart’ Sweatshirt $98

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