January 2016

Traveling: Netflix and Chill

Yes, you read that right! I recently stumbled across a New York couple who turned their spare room into a living embodiment of ‘Netflix and chill’ via Airbnb.  The room is set up with a bed, a mini bar and most importantly, a Netflix account.


Tom Galle, the owner, takes to his Instagram to promote the rental Netflix and Chill Airbnb Room as a real life experience of the ‘Netflix and Chill meme’.  For a serious $400 a night in New York City, Tom and ART 404 only have one request-

We can’t allow you to have additional guest over the apartment, and that is a serious request. This is an exclusive experience for 2 people only.

The room also features a large bathroom with marble finish- nothing says classy quite like Netflix and Chill and marble!

Check it out here.


Why You Should Invest In Bath Bombs

Originally invented by Mo Constantine of Lush Cosmetics in 1989, the bath bomb combines natural ingredients, aromatherapy and vibrant colors to deliver a tranquil and luxurious bath experience to the user. The bomb fizzes when placed in the bath, altering the color of the water and emitting a pleasant aroma. Though originally created by Lush in the late 80’s, many other brands of bath bombs have appeared since then.

Recently, bath bombs have gained major popularity. While many people are intrigued by their aesthetic appeal, bath bombs are actually really good for your skin and contain ingredients that act as exfoliates, and also release certain scents as aromatherapy agents to help you relax and relieve stress.

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Thrift Shopping Done Right

So some people cringe at the word THRIFT. Some people live by the word! I, however, think all things must be done in moderation.

Living with a budget, like most of us do, it is hard to always keep up your closet without over spending. I myself have always had a slight addiction to shopping. It literally is therapy for me. If I am having a bad day, I need to go do something for myself, whether it is getting my nails done, or buying some new shoes, it really works!

If you are like me, you need some way to keep up your closet, always on top of the trends without breaking bank.

Here is how I manage this problem.

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